Ever Heard of Terrorists?


No, not the ones in Syria. No, not the ones that call themselves 'Isis'. I'm talking about ones that were chemically harmed, and are now roaming the streets with unusual powers. That doesn't sound like terrorists, right? 

Right, they aren't terrorists. The world calls them Chemi-Terrorists, but they call themselves Conduits. They're friendly. Or at least, most of them are.

Interested yet? Well, someone decided to write down one of their stories. This story takes place in the Bronx, one of the five boroughs of New York City. This is the story about how she became a terrorist, lived as a terrorist, and fought as a terrorist. But not the kind that you're familiar of. Oh, and don't worry, she's friendly.



Alice Rosemarie Lee is as normal as it gets. She is smart and geeky, and doesn't fit in. Pretty normal. Her parents died in a car accident. It happens. Alice and her brother, Eric, were left to live on their own.​


Years pass. The world has changed.


The government has taken over the United States in a horrifying way. Terrorists run across the streets, and when Alice encouters one her whole world changes. Eric is gone, and she is alone. With the help of a mysterious, handsome stranger and a troubled killer, Alice embarks on a hard emotional, and physical life journey to claim a normal life once more. And to make things worse, unexpectedly she has to take up the role of a leader. That is the one thing she is not.


Follow Alice on her journey of love, loss, heartbreak, hope, and trauma. And at the end of this, one might hope that the world realizes that not everything is as what it seems. 


"No Matter How Dark The Moment, Love And Hope Are Always Possible."

-George Chakiris




Alice: The Leader
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First book in the series! Background on book above!

Alice: The Search for Bloodbound


Second book in this series. Unfortuantly, this book is in the middle of the writing process. Stay tuned for more information about this book. I can't say much, I don't want to spoil anything!

Alice: Yin and Yang


This is the third book in the series, and for right now, is the last book in this series. Stay tuned for more information!!

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